All good things

Today, as class was winding down and we were all about to head out for our adventurous Iowa weekends, my teacher made a request that I think should be more frequented among all of us. He said to us, “Have a good weekend! Be kind, be considerate. Welcome strangers and friends.” Wise, wise words from Bob Mesle.

It’s true what they say, that a teacher can change your life. Bob’s wife, Barbara, has been a kind, caring, honest friend to me throughout my college experience, and Bob has been that guidance for a dear friend of mine. The compassion and kindness that the Mesles have for all things truly inspires me to live in love.

And I don’t mean to be in love, romantically, although I believe they would agree that is one beautiful experience that cannot be explained truthfully enough through words. What I mean by living in love is to do all things with love in your heart and at the core of how you treat the world. Notice I didn’t say “of how you treat other people”, because life is so much bigger than just the human experience.

As I mentioned in my first post, my thoughts and philosophies have been making great changes since I have been in college, and Barbara is one of my major positive influences. In each of her classes she requires her students to journal throughout the week, and through many classes, journals, e-mails, and discussions, she has been a reflection of the importance of being a good person.

Maybe I’m one of those millennials who think my generation has some issues, but I can’t rag on us too hard be I think we’re doing alright with what we’ve been given. We’re trying. But if I could give one suggestion to make a better humanity it would be this: be kind, be considerate, be grateful. All good things. Good things come from good things. So if we live our lives waking up every morning and making the decision to be kind and considerate to our surroundings, we would be happier individuals and we would be a happier world.

You’ve had road rage before, right? Especially as a young driver I would yell at the cars that weren’t driving as fast as I wanted them to or curse the traffic-light gods after hitting my twelfth red light in a row. Anger produces anger. Have you ever noticed that if you’re angry enough, you just want to stay angry for a while? It’s like a disease, once you start your day pissed of at the world, bad things will happen. It’s the law of attraction.

So let’s start small by making today better right now. Focus on good thoughts. Energy is real. What you put into the world makes a bigger difference than you think. That guy behind the counter at GeekSquad who is working his ass off to help every customer quickly and with a smile, he is doing everything he can to provide a good experience for you. You may become angry and inconsiderate. Instead of getting impatient, complaining to him about your wait, being rude and throwing your stuff around, try bringing yourself back to reality.The reality is that he is doing what he can. The reality is that you are going to wait whether it takes five minutes or thirty minutes. The reality is that getting angry and impatient does not, contrary to popular belief, speed up the GeekSquad guy. You do not get out of the store any quicker by being angry– in fact it makes the whole process seem a lot more tedious and painful than it really should be.

Go ahead and be kind, considerate, and grateful for all good things. The simple fact that you even have a device to take to GeekSquad, or a car to hit all the red lights in, is something to be grateful for. Appreciate your life, because it’s all you’ve got. It could be worse.

Peace, and all good things.
Have a good weekend, be kind, be considerate, welcome strangers and friends.