Lunar eclipse: Blood moon

Okay, so apparently the moon is supposed to look tinted red tonight. Here’s why!

“In a total lunar eclipse, the full moon turns a coppery red as it passes into Earth’s shadow. During the process, the moon’s bright glow dims, taking on a red hue because of shimmers of sunlight and sunsets seeping through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Dust and sulfur dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere can affect the size of the shadow. The moon has to be full for the total lunar eclipse to occur.”
CNN: ‘Blood moon’


This neat little temporary moon-vibrance will happen 3 other times within the next year, so if you’re too exhausted from soccer practice and working on a senior project, you can be sure you won’t miss out completely! The eclipse process will occur between the hours of 1 a.m and 4 a.m Central Standard Time. I am crazy fascinated with soaking up the beauty that is the night sky, so I will for sure be taking a peek.

Set your alarms!

Peace and blood moons ♦