Hey Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend, I would like to dedicate this post and this week to my incredible mother. Her family has always been her first priority and she almost seems perfect in her motherly ways. Her dedication to my family’s happiness is insurmountable, and for that she is my best friend.


My mother knows almost everything about my life, and probably understands me better than I understand myself. She has always helped me explore my options when contemplating a decision and has guided me toward being capable of making good decisions for myself. I will always need her help because she will always understand what is best for me more than anybody else. Never has my mother pressured me to do anything less than wonderful for me, and never has she rejected a healthy pathway to my happiness.  Her desire is for her children to be happy and healthy and loved. My aspiration is for her to live a fulfilling life, and I know she is capable of such happiness, regardless of physical limitation.


I would also like to dedicate my completed senior project to both of my parents, because they have always taught me to be good to others and to ooze goodness. For them, I am infinitely thankful.

I love you ♡
Stay cool.

And we could all use a little change

“Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas I need to get myself away from this place. I said yep, what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself and we could all use a little chaaaaange.”

It turns out Smashmouth was right: the years start coming and they don’t stop coming, so we become fed up will all the rules and “hit the ground running”. Our brains become intelligent with knowledge from our learning experiences, but just because we have all this information doesn’t make us head smart or happy.

Thursday Thoughts

Many things don’t make sense in life, but I can agree with this 90s band from California, that what really doesn’t make sense is to not to live for fun. One thing that I can certainly say makes sense, is that we should be living our lives having fun.

“So much to do so much to see so what’s wrong with taking the back streets. You’ll never know if you don’t go, you’ll never shine if you don’t glow” So how do you glow? Embrace the changes that are bound to pop up in your life.


Yesterday my roommate and I were playing “Would you rather?” and one of the most interesting discussions came from the question: “Would you rather be able to pause your life or rewind your life?” We ended up making the rules for each decision very detailed, but ultimately we all chose to be able to pause life. If humans had the capability of rewinding life and changing our decisions we wouldn’t ever truly live life freely. And as a Sagittarius I am all about my free-eee-eeedom! Love it 🙂

Whether you’ve got to speak in front of a large group of people for the first time, or you’re moving to a new area, or you are in the beginning or end of a relationship, or you’re missing someone you cared about, the ability to ride the wave of change

Change is hard. Sometimes it’s really, really fucking hard. But then we learn, and we move on. Instead of resisting the changes that come your way because you are scared of their possibilities, embrace the opportunity to create new relationships, new experiences, and be able to find happiness in a variety of situations.

I haven’t had to make a lot of extremely tough and life-changing decisions throughout my life, but my changes have always made me a better, more adaptable person. I am more versatile in my ability to communicate and relate to other people, and with this versatility comes peace.

To be able to be balanced and grounded through change helps to keep your energy balanced, which is excellent for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Change of scenery?
I am SUPER STOKED for the changes I’m about to make in my life. I have spent most of my life playing soccer, enjoying the people around me, and dedicating myself to getting a system education. And all of this has gone down the beautiful, monotonous Midwest. For the first time in my life, I am looking forward to not spending my summer in my hometown.


I have always lived in the same town, with the exception of spending my last 4 academic semesters in middle-of-nowhere Iowa. Even so, since a child I have been intrigued by the idea of travel. I LOVE the airport. Picking people up from the airport, dropping people off at the airport, running through the airport to make my own connection flight- I love it all. The atmosphere is full of EXCITEMENT and CHANGE even if only temporary. One day in the next couple of years I am going to get on a plane with a friend and we are going to go CHANGE ourselves by changing the way we look at the world.

As an individual who embraces the chance to change my opinions based on something new I’ve learned, my heart beats stronger when I think about the opportunities I am going to have to learn about the way people throughout the world work.

Why do we fear change? I think a lot of the fear of change comes from our brains expectation for things to stay the same. Actually, Roger S. Gil, a relationship and family expert, explains how when our expectations from previously learned information fails what we believe, stress levels rise:

Both nature and nurture will influence how we form our core beliefs about how the world works and our roles in our respective worlds. When we experience the world or ourselves in a certain way for an extended period of time, we develop core beliefs that make up our paradigm for how life is supposed to be. The experiences we have as children tend to be the most long-lasting and influential because they represent prototypical experiences that future experiences will be compared to and will likely play a key role in the development of our worldview/paradigm for life. Since our brains are still developing, childhood experiences have a greater chance of influencing how future neural connections will develop. Whether good or bad, children tend to adjust better to change since they don’t have as much “legacy material” to overcome when encountering change (i.e. their worldviews/life paradigms are still developing). As we age and our brains become less plastic, we encounter more difficulties processing changes because our paradigms are more ingrained.

Change is going to happen, we’re going to have to deal with it. Instead of fearing the inevitable change and stress it brings, we should be aware of the changes that are happening in our lives and adapt our mentality and physicality to the changes in the best manner that we can. Being aware and accepting of the changes will reduce the stress they bring along with them.

Also, we could all make some FORWARD MOVING changes in our lives, so let’s start today! I vow to change my location 😀 What can you vow to change in your own life? EMBRACE THE CHANGE


Peace and happy change 🙂



All good things

Today, as class was winding down and we were all about to head out for our adventurous Iowa weekends, my teacher made a request that I think should be more frequented among all of us. He said to us, “Have a good weekend! Be kind, be considerate. Welcome strangers and friends.” Wise, wise words from Bob Mesle.


It’s true what they say, that a teacher can change your life. Bob’s wife, Barbara, has been a kind, caring, honest friend to me throughout my college experience, and Bob has been that guidance for a dear friend of mine. The compassion and kindness that the Mesles have for all things truly inspires me to live in love.

And I don’t mean to be in love, romantically, although I believe they would agree that is one beautiful experience that cannot be explained truthfully enough through words. What I mean by living in love is to do all things with love in your heart and at the core of how you treat the world. Notice I didn’t say “of how you treat other people”, because life is so much bigger than just the human experience.

As I mentioned in my first post, my thoughts and philosophies have been making great changes since I have been in college, and Barbara is one of my major positive influences. In each of her classes she requires her students to journal throughout the week, and through many classes, journals, e-mails, and discussions, she has been a reflection of the importance of being a good person.

Maybe I’m one of those millennials who think my generation has some issues, but I can’t rag on us too hard behttp://www.treehugger.com/culture/new-york-loves-earth-day.htmlcause I think we’re doing alright with what we’ve been given. We’re trying. But if I could give one suggestion to make a better humanity it would be this: be kind, be considerate, be grateful. All good things. Good things come from good things. So if we live our lives waking up every morning and making the decision to be kind and considerate to our surroundings, we would be happier individuals and we would be a happier world.

You’ve had road rage before, right? Especially as a young driver I would yell at the cars that weren’t driving as fast as I wanted them to or curse the traffic-light gods after hitting my twelfth red light in a row. Anger produces anger. Have you ever noticed that if you’re angry enough, you just want to stay angry for a while? It’s like a disease, once you start your day pissed of at the world, bad things will happen. It’s the law of attraction.

So let’s start small by making today better right now. Focus on good thoughts. Energy is real. What you put into the world makes a bigger difference than you think. That guy behind the counter at GeekSquad who is working his ass off to help every customer quickly and with a smile, he is doing everything he can to provide a good experience for you. You may become angry and inconsiderate. Instead of getting impatient, complaining to him about your wait, being rude and throwing your stuff around, try bringing yourself back to reality.The reality is that he is doing what he can. The reality is that you are going to wait whether it takes five minutes or thirty minutes. The reality is that getting angry and impatient does not, contrary to popular belief, speed up the GeekSquad guy. You do not get out of the store any quicker by being angry– in fact it makes the whole process seem a lot more tedious and painful than it really should be.

Go ahead and be kind, considerate, and grateful for all good things. The simple fact that you even have a device to take to GeekSquad, or a car to hit all the red lights in, is something to be grateful for. Appreciate your life, because it’s all you’ve got. It could be worse.


Peace, and all good things.
Have a good weekend, be kind, be considerate, welcome strangers and friends.