Picking Up the Positive


Happy Ash Wednesday to all those celebrating today!!

I am not Christian or Catholic, so my faith does not ask that I participate in giving up something “bad” for the Lenten season. My boyfriend, however, participates in Catholic tradition and has decided to give up something for good reason. I mentioned to him that while he is giving up this aspect of his life for 46 days he should replace it with something else so it could be a more permanent and progressive experience. In support of his decision, I have decided to participate too.

I suppose I could exile caffeine but I hear it’s good to make it to class and to finish your homework. I could stop the beverages and such but I don’t see them as negative if they are used responsibly. I thought about trying to stop cracking knuckles so much but I’ve tried that before and failed so many times.

What I have decided to do is to pick up a positive action for the next 40 days, hoping it will create a transition into habit.

I am going to write. Every day, for fifteen minutes a day, I will write. I will blog, I will journal, I will work on my creative writing senior project, I will send letters, I will make lists, I will put to use the stationary sets I get from my aunt for my birthday ever year.

My goal from this is to make writing more natural and more convenient for me. I hope that from it I will generate ideas for particular pieces of writing and that I will expand my writing avenues.

It is good for the mind to read and write.

Studies show that reading a novel improves brain connectivity. The more we read, the better alert our brains are at processing information through changes (as we grow older, our bodies and our societies change– reading helps keep us on our toes).

Writing helps too. Slightly different from reading, writing engages our minds to not only analyze and imagine scenarios in our minds, but we must first create those situations as opposed to accepting them as a narrative reality. Baby boomer neuropsychologist Jenni Odgen, and writer of both fiction and non-fiction, is “convinced that creative writing is one of the best exercises for the aging brain.”

I believe that words are good for the soul. They help us to better communicate ideas and to better analyze the words of others. If we were all effective communicators I believe the world would be a much happier place. I write not to be understood, but if my writing leads to understanding I have accomplished much.

Here I go, embarking on a 40-day writing journey. Join me! Pick up something positive and dedicate yourself to proving your willpower to yourself. It can be something small or something life-changing, but try and keep track every day so that you have a visual report of how AWESOME you are doing. 🙂 I will keep you updated with mine.

Happy positive-fying your life!

Live well.