Which comes first, the blog or the post?

The post before the blog.

Here we have it, my first official post on my first official blog! I’m surprisingly excited about this new experience considering how much I fear my own creativity. Be Here Be Well is my personal and academic project that I hope encourages people to enjoy and explore their own wellness and spiritual selves. I believe it’s so important to be mindful in all things, to be “rooted in the now”, because the details of each moment deserve appreciation. What’s life without enjoying the little things and staying healthy and happy?

If you’re interested in my basics:

I’m a senior undergrad student in the middle-of-nowhere Iowa (I’m from the midwest so I’m used to the brutal weather but I’m not planning on keeping myself here much longer, although the sky at night makes the small town dazzling). I’m studying English, playing soccer, partying a little, and thinking about what life will bring me next. Since being in college I have visually set myself in the midst of focus on this accidental wellness & spiritual process that is really SO COOL to see happening.

*HEY THERE: I’d like to point out that to be spiritual does not mean to be religious, it means to relate to the human spirit. We’re all humans here so I suppose it’s safe to say we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  (thanks, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)


I uploaded this picture on my Instagram the other day. I think its vibrant colors and peaceful, natural scenery are a great representation of how clarifying meditation is!

I’m currently working toward becoming a teacher, and as an introduction to one of my classes this semester my teacher (Dennis McElroy- he’s great) asked each of us to talk about our passion. Struggling with coming up with one final answer, I decided the solution was to explain that I am passionate about being passionate. A large part of my wellness and spiritual knowledge came from starting my research with Buddhism, which introduced me to meditation and mindfulness. To be mindful means to be fully aware of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. It makes for a lot of clarity, joy, creativity and ENERGY! We should be fully engaged in every moment, for then we are fully engaged in life.

[Check out these 3 things mindful people are doing right on my favorite wellness blog, MindBodyGreen.]

My first step to living a mindful life came in balancing my chakras and appreciating my moments. I’m sure you’ve mostly heard about ‘mindful eating’, but as my uncle told me this summer, we should be mindful always. Meditation doesn’t only occur on a pillow on the floor, in monasteries, during yoga class, or on the beach. We should be mindful and aware of ourselves in each activity, including washing the dishes, driving a car, or having a conversation. BE KIND to people and communicate attentively and peacefully.

My goal is to provide you with updated information and current news on the subjects of health and wellness, and at times spirituality. I hope that you are introduced to new ideas and talk about both old and new ideas. I will offer, whoever is willing to listen, my not-professional opinions on the mind, spirit, and body. I hope to be a useful resource for finding new information on health, wellness and spirituality.

Be a person of passion. Be mindful. Be happy. Be healthy, be thoughtful, be kind, be here, be well. I wish that by visiting my blog, or by using the resources I provide, you will be encouraged to THINK, EXPLORE, and TALK peacefully.

Reflect on your own ideas, opinions, health, spirituality, attitude, and actions more consciously while you explore those which are different from your own.

And perhaps: also be a little patient with me 😉



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